Lancaster Beauty Salon

Situated on the edge of historic Lancaster, the hotel offers a quiet location to relax and be pampered.

The Sandpiper Club's beauty salon offers a wide range of treatments delivered by highly trained therapists using the esteemed Repechage range of products. The salon also benefits from the extensive facilities on offer at the club with gym, pool, steam room, sauna, spa, sunshower and outdoor hot tub.

Enjoy a Spa Leisure Day, combining massages, facials or any treatment of your choice with the other club facilities to make any visit to the Sandpiper Club memorable and relaxing.

Beauty Treatments


All facials include consultation, skin analysis, product advice and a hand scalp massage.

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The Hydra Facial - 55 mins

Using soothing acupressure techniques this calms and protects the skin whilst decreasing sensitivity. Tightness and discomfort will be reduced whilst nourishing seaweed will retrain the skin to be less sensitive and built resistance to external factors.

Ideal for anyone with Sensitive Skin.


Hydra Refine Pore Perfecting Facial - 55 mins

Controls oil, rids skin of impurities and helps to eliminate future breakouts. Seaweed, lemongrass and cucumber leave the skin feeling refreshed, renewed and ultra clean, whilst minimising oily shine.

Ideal for combination/oily skins.


Renewal Facial - 55 mins

A refreshing treatment for dry, sun damaged skin. Fresh seaweed, a gentle marine hydroxy acid combined with natural fruit acids, exfoliate and renew leaving the skin supple and younger looking.

For dry, sun damaged skin.


Luxury Facials

Hydra Medic Facial - 55 mins

Deep pore cleanses, purifies and controls breakouts whilst helping to prevent new ones from forming. Reduces oil from overly active sebaceous glands – whilst maintaining moisture balance, allowing cleansing, soothing and healing – refreshes and purifies.

Ideal for acne skin.


Hydra Dew Express Lift Moisture Mask - 45 mins

"an alternative to botox" - Provides immediate 100% in depth moisturisation and superior anti-oxidant protection. Argireline Hexapeptide helps to give a virtual lift! “A quick beauty fix that everyone will notice” - Harpers & Queen UK.

For normal to dry skin.


Express Mini Facial (Including Opti Firm Eye Treatment) - 30 mins

Excellent for dark circles, puffiness and anti-ageing. This treatment cleanses the whole face then enjoy a relaxing eye massage using firming cream with pentapeptides. This is followed by a lifting mask directly over the eyes – an amazing experience. Excellent for anyone with concerns around the eye area – and those for looking for a quick `pick me up`.


Seaweed Facial on the Go - 45 mins

After seasonal changes your skin can suffer from dehydration, dryness or simply look dull in appereance. This antioxidant treatment with natural vitamins C, E A and K and Beta Carotene will leave the skin visibly brighter with a healthy glow.

All skin types.


Microdermabrasion Facial – perfect skin restoration

For younger looking, smoother, softer and radinat skin. Smoothes away lines, Reduces pigmentation. Unclogs pores. Improves overall condition of skin.

(Course of 6 £300.00)


Signature Facials

Signature Repechage "Four Layer Facial" - 1hr 10 mins

Gives instant dramatic results. The premier rejuvenating spa experience, layer upon layer of pure fresh European seaweed will tone, soothe and restore your complexion. Enjoy a cool hydrating seaweed mask followed by the grand finale, a thermal mineral rich mask, which will help you totally unwind and relax. Awake to a visibly renewed you, immediate results, long term benefits and an after glow that lasts.

Excellent for all skin types – the perfect treat.


Vita Cura 5 Phase Firming Facial with Micropeel - 1hr 10 mins

Provides an instant trigger to younger looking skin. Specifically designed to invigorate, lift and firm mature skin. An Enzymatic Micropeel helps to uncover a vibrant complexion. Two massages and a cool Spirulina Seaweed Mask with clinically proven bio-mimetic Pentapeptide firm and smooth the skin. Then the skin is treated with Vita Cura Opti-Lift Serum for immediate and visible results. Long term benefits to preserve elasticity, improve oxygenation and help prompt cell renewal. The Vita Cura 5 Phase Firming Facial provides advanced skin repair, a true alternative to surgical rejuvenation.

Recommended for mature skin and sun damaged skin.


Body Treatments

Bringing the benefits of the sea to improve your skin, restore your energy and well-being. From as far back as Roman times bathing in the sea has been an effective `therapy` as it is nutrient rich for health, circulation, pains and relaxation. Seaweed is excellent for detoxifying and de-stressing the body, whilst the skin is hydrated and pampered. You will be left looking and feeling fabulous.

All Repechage Body Treatments include a Mini-Facial.

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"European Seaweed Body Treatment" - 1hr 10 mins

Body Therapy, a mineral rich seaweed mask, is applied to the whole body giving a warm tranquilising sensation that penetrates your skin to nourish, re-balance and re-mineralise. After your wrap you are massaged to tone your skin and also relax your muscles.

Ideal for stress, detoxifying, sensitive skin and also good for rheumatism and arthritis.


"Honey Body Polish" - 55 mins

Indulge the body with pure honey, almonds and fresh buttermilk. A marvellous body cleanser based on an ancient Roman beauty ritual which is massaged into your skin, helping to purify and slough off dead skin cells. Finally, a luxurious seaweed cream is massaged into your body leaving the skin ultra touchable and silky smooth and glowing.

Ideal for pre-tanning, pre-wedding, pre-holiday and for total relaxation.


"Sea Spa Glow" - 55 mins

Exfoliation, or the removal of dead cells on the surface of the skin, promotes smoother, softer skin with an even tone and colour. Your skin looks and feels younger, energised and vibrant. Experience these skin perfecting benefits with a full body exfoliating treatment using Repechage Sea Spa Glow. The Natural Sea Salts exfoliate your skin whilst the Olive Oil smoothes and rehydrates the skin. This natural formula removes dead skin cells, provides essential moisture and leaves skin looking its best feeling spring cleaned whilst you are totally energised.

Great for sun damaged, dull and dry skin.


Pomegranate and Crab Apple Scrub - 55 mins

Containing purest of cane sugar with potent anti-oxidants derived from organic pomegranate juice, organic whole cranberry and apple create a gentle, natural exfoliant that leaves the skin deliciously smooth and delectably radiant. The scrub is massaged onto your body, you are then cocooned for total relaxation. After the scrub is showered off a luxurious seaweed cream is massaged into your body leaving your skin ultra touchable, silky smooth and glowing.

Ideal for everyone especially clients with dry skin, also for pre-tanning, pre-wedding, pre-holiday and for total relaxation.


Back Cleansing Facial - 55 mins

Excellent for anyone with concerns over the appearance of their skin on their back. This is a facial for the back, the treatment includes cleansing, exfolitaion, massage and treatment mask.

Recommended for: Problem skin on the back.


Beauty Treatments

Repechage has created a line of products, which cater to every woman's needs. Colour Actif Lipsticks are made of essential oils from two select species of seaweed. The vitamin rich formula leaves lips velvety and soft. Foundation provides a perfect veil of colour while minimizing shine and allowing the skin to breathe naturally. Colour Actif provides an array of eyeshadow duos, blushes, pressed powders, pencils, mascaras and concealer.

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Beauty Treatment Duration Price
Day/Evening Make-up 45 mins £30.00
Bridal Make-Over
Cleanse, Tone, Full make-up, Rehersal make-up and “On the Day” make-up.
2x45mins £50.00


Eyelash Tint – 24 hr Patch Test required before tinting. This test takes 5 minutes and must be undertaken at least 24 hours before tinting.

Beauty Treatment Duration Price
Eye Brow Tint 15 mins £10.00
Tinting (Lash & Brow) 30 mins £20.00
Eyelash Tint 30 mins £20.00


Speedy removal of unwanted body or facial hair. Using the latest cool honey wax. A smoother, softer alternative to shaving and longer lasting than cream. Safe, hygienic and suitable for all skin types. Lasts for 6-8 weeks.

Beauty Treatment Duration Price
Full Leg Wax inc Bikini 1hr £30.00
Half Leg & Bikini 30 mins £20.00
Half Leg Wax 25 mins £15.00
Under Arm Wax 15 mis £10.00
Half Arm Wax 15 mins £10.00
Eyebrow Wax 15 mins £10.00
Lip & Chin Wax 15 mins £10.00
Chest Wax 30 mis £25.00
Back Wax 30 mis £20.00
Bikini 15 mins £10.00

(Hot Wax £2.50 supplementary charge)

Pinks Botique 100% Natural and Organic waxing

Why should I have organic waxing?

Pinks Boutique Organic waxing uses only Soil Association certified pre and post wax products and whilst the base techniques remain the same we have added in some of the special touches we are famous for. Standard Pre wax cleansers generally have a very high alcohol content and strip your skin unnecessarily of its vital moisture. After waxing, every hair follicle is open and the products applied to this area have direct access to the bloodstream. The Pinks Boutique after wax calming lotion which will be used on you is free from all of the paraben preservatives and toxins which standard lotion contain, thus preventing any unwanted chemicals from entering the body. Smooth calmed chemical free skin.

Using Pinks Boutique Soil Association Pre and After wax lotions to ensure that your skin has no parabens, GM or toxic chemicals added to it during your waxing.

Make a day of it!

Exclusive offers to non-members – experience the delights of relaxation and well-being at the Sandpiper Beauty Clinique. You may also use our extensive leisure facilities between 9.30am and 4.30pm. So that you may enjoy our coffee Shop `Sandemans Bar` a 20% discount card will be issued for your visit.

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Exclusive offers to non-members – experience the delights of relaxation and well-being at the Sandpiper Beauty Clinique. You may also use our extensive leisure facilities between 9.30am and 4.30pm. So that you may enjoy our coffee Shop `Sandemans Bar` a 20% discount card will be issued for your visit.

Express Day - 1hr

Beck & Neck Massage
Mini Facial


"Pamper Me" - 2hrs


Stress Relief Programme - 2hrs

Seaweed Facial
Full Body Massage


Have you got a holiday or special occasion coming up?

Beauty Treatment Duration Price
Sol Glo Professional Spray Tan 25 mis £25.00
Including exfoliation 1 hr £50.00

Enjoy a Sol Glo Spray Tan applied by a salon professional. Natural looking glow, instant results that last for days using the finest botanical ingredients. Unique pleasant fragrance.


  • We recommend you obtain a patch test, if you have never used any self-tanning products before or have sensitive skin
  • Do not use any other self tanning products 1 week before treatment.
  • Wax or shave at least 24 hours prior to treatment.
  • On the day of your Fake Bake treatment DO NOT wear any make-up, deodorant, perfume, body oils or lotions as these may react with the tanning agents in Fake Bake Spray Tan.
  • Wear loose, dark clothing, sandals or flip flops.

After – Immediately after your spray tan:

  • Wear loose clothing.
  • Keep skin completely dry, avoid water contact.
  • Do not apply any products over the developing tan.
  • Allow tan to develop for at least 6/8 hours (overnight if possible
  • Avoid other beauty/hair treatments whilst tan is developing.
  • Avoid activities that make you perspire.
  • Drink hot beverages through straw as contact with a hot cup can strip colour from around your mouth. Toothpaste can also strip colour while your tan developes.

Massage Treatments

Aromatherapy – Relaxing & Detoxyfying. This luxurious treatment involves specialised pressure massage using oils blended for relaxation.

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For relaxation and a way of relieving tension, why not try our massage? This can soothe aching muscles and improve the appearance of your skin. This traditional massage is suitable for clients requiring relief for tension, aches and pains.

Beauty Treatment Duration Price
Full Body Massage 55 mins £45.00
Back & Neck 25 mis £25.00
Hot Stone 55 mins £55.00
Luxury Candles (Back & Neck) 25 mins £30.00
Luxury Candles (Full Body) 55 mins £50.00

Hands and Feet

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Pinks Boutique Signature

Indonesian Manicure/Signature Hand Ritual - 1hr 15 mins

The journey begins with a tea ceremony and aroma welcoming, the client is then transferred to a couch and remains semi reclined in their chocolate robe for the entire treatment. Hot towels sanitise the feet and hands before the nail work begins. The hands soak amongst indonesian mineral crystal soak and fresh petals whilst pressure points are applied to the head. A full hand and arm organic scrub leads into a massage with a difference. Using Indonesian massage techniques the arms, shoulders and head are worked upon in our signature massage trail. To end the hands are always coated in our super hydrating Shea balm with a tea to finish, completing the journey. Varnish – optional –please note this cannot be organic.


French Manicure

Additional 15 minutes to be booked is advance


Express Manicure - 25 mins

Nail shape complete with 2 rich coats of nail polish.



Express Pedicure - 25 mins


Pinks Boutique Signature Himalayan Pedicure - 1hr 30 mins

This journey begins as the Indonesian, with a tea and aroma welcoming. Following hot towels to the feet they are placed in a large wooden soaking bowl showered with Himalayan mineral crystals, sustainable mined and 100% natural. We always treat the `top and tail` and whilst this is happening the head is massaged. When all the wet work is complete the client is transferred to the couch and is grounded with a crystal journey trail around the body. The nail and cuticule work is carried out and leads into a reflex influenced stick foot massage with our signature massage trail. To end the feet are coated in our super hydrating balm, perfect for dry heals and a tea completes the journey. Varnish –optional- please note this cannot be organic.


Shellac Varnish



Minx Nails (Hands or Feet) - 30 mins

New from the US, as worn by Beyonce, Pind and Rihanna!

Minx is a solid nail coating that comes in foil and sparkly metallic`s, photo-quality designs, and any colour under the sun. Nails are filed and polished and the foil coating is applied with a heat lamp…easy as that!


Supplement to manicure or pedicure - 15 mins


Men`s Grooming

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Luxury Repechage Gent`s Sea Spa Hand Treatment - 45 mins

This vitamin protein and mineral-rich seaweed treatment combined with professional hand-massage, will completely hydrate, soften and nourish hands. Hands will look revitalised.


Luxury Repechage Gent`s Sea Spa Foot Treatment - 45 mins

Foot treatment offers the feet a relaxing, rejuvenating experience. This therapeutic treatment includes an invigorating foot and leg massage featuring our seaweed based foot cream to revitalise tired feet, adding energy to every step. Leaves feet soft, well groomed and healthy.


Gent`s Grooming Facial - 55 mins

This facial will leave the skin visibly brighter, cleaner and more luminous with a healthy glow. The vitamin and mineral rich formula in the treatment reinforces the skin, leaving it stronger, more resilient and able to resist ageing from environmental factors. A facial massage eases the stress of daily life.

Recommended for: all skin types


Gent`s Revitalising Body Treatment - 1hr 10 mins

A marvellous body cleanser based on an ancient beauty ritual is massaged into the skin, helping to purify and slough off dead skin cells. Finally, a luxurious seaweed cream is massaged into the body leaving the skin touchable and smooth.


Men's Massages

Full range of Massage Treatments from only £25.00

Appointments & Further Information

To make an appointment at the Beauty Salon please call Tel: 01524 585 185

The Hair Sanctuary

The Hair Sanctuary

The Hair Sanctuary at Lancaster House is run by Samantha Leaver who has over twenty years of experience and a high level of international training.

Male and female hairdressing covered with expert focus on bridal hair and wedding packages for brides plus hand made hair accessories on offer.

Open seven days a week with late night availability on Thursday and Friday evenings.

Contact Samantha direct: 01524 585 188