Ethics & Values

"At its heart, our +1 culture is about building relationships with our guests, suppliers and colleagues, discovering their expectations and looking for creative ways of going the extra mile. Making a few Raving Fans along the way is simply a bonus"
Tina Taylor, +1 Manager

Tina Taylor - Plus One manager

Monthly +1 Awards

Every month we invite the teams to nominate their colleagues for +1 awards. The certificates and badges are our way of acknowledging the commitment and creativity of our employees.

"No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted" - Aesop

We do not claim to have the monopoly on +1 activity – we have often been on the receiving end of a service above and beyond our expectations and have recognised friends, family members, suppliers and guests who have gone the extra mile for us!

+1 Champions

A few of our +1 Champions receiving an award for achieving 50 +1 certificates. Their experience and knowledge of the +1 culture is then utilised in mentoring junior members of staff.