Waterhead Chef Shares Simple and Delicious Duck Recipe

Waterhead Head Chef, Adam Graham, was recently awarded English Lakes Chef of the Year 2017. He and the team at Waterhead continue to delight  us with fantastic dishes in the Bar and Grill Restaurant at Waterhead. 

Adam, being awarded Chef of the Year by Simon and Diana Berry

Here, Adam shares his ‘know how’ in preparing this delightful duck starter from Waterhead’s Spring Menu. Although it is a fairly straight-forward dish, the secret is to use the very best quality ingredients and to ensure the perfect cooking of the duck. Adam gets two starter portions from one 255g duck breast.

Pan Seared Duck Breast with ‘The One’ Whisky and Orange Glaze


Prepare the Duck:

Pat the skin of the duck with a paper towel to remove any moisture

Score the skin diagonally to help it crisp during cooking

Season with salt and ground black pepper

Cook the Duck: 



Place the duck breast in a cold pan on a medium heat, skin down, without oil

Cook for 6 – 8 minutes, or until nicely browned and crisp

Seal the other side for just 30 seconds

Then place skin side up in the middle of 180 degree oven for 7 – 8 minutes (medium/medium well)

 Allow the duck to rest for about 10 minutes before plating up

Whisky and Orange Glaze:

50ml Fresh Orange Juice

50ml The Lakes One Whisky

10g Caster Sugar

 Combine the three ingredients in a pan, heat and reduce until it forms a syrup



4 orange segments

Julienne of orange peel to add a different flavour and texture

Carved Duck Breast with Whisky and Orange Glaze

Left to Right: Athony Sutcliffe, Waterhead Manager, Adam Graham, Head Chef, Fernando Sienra, Bartender

Alternatively, Let Chef Cook it for You!

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