Wild Boar Weddings that Hit the Target

Created Thursday, January 11, 2018, by Calum Lewis

Meet Mike Coates, part of The Wild Boar family and supplier of clay pigeon shooting for individuals, families and events. This has become a very popular wedding activity and a fun sport that can easily be incorporated into any of our Wild Boar weddings. Here, we ask Mike to tell us a little about his business and why couples are choosing to make shooting part of their wedding plans.

Mike at The Wild Boar

Mike at The Wild Boar

How did you get into shooting?

I have been shooting at The Wild Boar for over a decade. I used to work for the hotel group and we began working clearing the very overgrown, Wild Boar woodland and making it usable when they purchased it around 12 years ago. The shooting grew from there, and when I went self-employed I continued to work with the hotels and run shoots for them on the land.

Laura and Dean's Wedding at The Wild Boar

Why do so many couples include a shoot in their wedding plans?

Having a shoot during you wedding is a fantastic way to bring families together before or after the wedding, give the chaps something to do a keep them out of the bar the morning of the wedding or give your guests something to really remember during the wedding its self. It also gives you a wonderful photo opportunity in the grounds of the Windermere Hotel.


Photo Credit: Rachel Hayton Photography


credit-rachel-hayton-3 Photo Credit: Rachel Hayton Photography

Is it mostly for men?

Brides can get just as involved as the grooms. We teach a lot of female shooters and they often wipe the floor with the boys. We carry vests with recoil pads, and guns and cartridges with low kick back and will go through things very slowly if you are a little nervous (this applies to the gents too).

Your most memorable Wild Boar wedding?

My most memorable wedding was when Storm Desmond hit. It is the only time I have EVER cancelled a shoot. Instead of shooting I spent the day rescuing stranded wedding guests in my Landrover, as cars were unable to get through and had to be abandoned. We managed to get everybody where they needed to be and the wedding went ahead. The bride and groom came and shot with me a few months later.

Wedding Showcase at The Wild Boar

Come along to The Wild Boar Wedding Showcase on 24th February and chat to Mike and many of our wedding suppliers. Try your hand at clay pigeon shooting and see for yourself how it can be incorporated into your big day. We'd like to help make your 'I do' dreams a reality.

Photo credit: Rachel Hayton Photography

Photo credit: Rachel Hayton Photography