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Welcome to +1 News. This is the hub of news and stories of what's going on at English Lakes Hotels Resorts & Venues. Our regular sections will include Hotel News, Staff Profiles, +1 Leaderboard, including some of the great +1 Activities around the group, Well Done & Congratulations, and Days Out in Lake District & Lancashire.

2023 sees Ben going on a

+1 walk (or + ten!)

Our Managing Director, Ben Berry, decided a challenge would be a great start of the year, especially if he could raise some funds for charity from a few friends and family. The chosen charity was the ALS Society and the chosen challenge was cover 21Km (half marathon) in the first 10 days of January. 

ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) is the name for the condition that is known as Motor Neuron Disease (MND) in the UK.  It was the ALS Society that first created the Ice Bucket Challenge that raised $115 million back in 2014 was the start of a challenge that became a worldwide phenomenon. 

Starting on New Years Day, Ben covered 31Km in 8 days then after a day of rest on 9th decided to go well beyond the target in one go on 10th January.

Michael Kay our Operations Director joined Ben on the last day of the challenge, even though he was suffering from Nora virus, and they both completed over 25 kilometres with a walk from Canal head in Kendal to Longlands near Carnforth taking around 6 hours in the driving rain!

Commenting after the walk Ben said “This represented a significant challenge for both Michael and I. A yellow weather warning, poor ground conditions and the long distance all combined and took its toll. We persevered and got it done, raising some much needed funds for an excellent cause while doing it.”

Michael and Ben Berry after BTC21K walk on 10th Jan 2023


Your +1 Stories

Listed below are just a few recent stories of how you, our colleagues, fulfilled your roles +1 this month and helped to ensure that our guests and visitors expectations were exceeded.

If you have a relevant +1 New story, or would like to feature in the next edition of +1 News, we would LOVE to hear from you. Just contact your +1 Rep.


Lancaster House

Gail Atkinson Barlow
Words cannot describe how helpful Gail has been. Taking on extra responsibilities on a regular basis aiding all other departments as well as her own. What an amazing asset Gail is.

Dan Moore
A guest had commented to thank Dan for ‘’The best Chocolate Fondant they had ever tasted’ ’Good job Dan.

Kath Pennington
Went out of her way to get decorations for a guests 80th birthday afternoon tea, the guest really appreciated it- thank you Kath

Lisa Ng
Lisa had finished her shift but heard that the duty manager needed to make 2 sofa beds in 2 separate rooms, Lisa didn’t hesitate and offered her help even though she had finished her shift to ensure the rooms were ready quicker for our guests. Thanks Lisa

Hannah Bleasdale
We couldn’t get hold of our local newspaper to order papers for the morning for our guest s we tried multiple times, but they weren’t answering. To save guests being disappointed, Hannah kindly stopped and picked up newspapers, the guests were none the wiser. Thank you, Hannah,

Joey Longmire-Dodd & Sam Pierce
Were complimented on how the chefs managed to sort our guest a delicious meal working around her complex allergies which totally put our guest at ease and had the most enjoyable meal.


The Sandpiper Club

Stuart Nevin
Going above and beyond by helping a disabled guest get ready to use the facilities with such ease. Well done, Stuart

Annette Sharpe
Came in to work during her holidays to ensure that we maintain our Nordic walking for our members as we have developed a strong community- thank you Annette

Claire Payne
The club and hotel were very busy over the weekend; Claire took time out of her break to help out with setting up and cleaning for a wedding that was due to arrive in the hotel. Great teamwork.


The Wild Boar Inn

Lucasz Koscielski
Lucasz nominated by a colleague as a “an amazing mentor”. He goes over and above teaching his skills in the kitchen to the junior members of staff. Very reliable and teaches good work ethics.

Gabby Duminica
Gabby overheard a customer saying they would love an iced coffee. Even though we don’t have them on our menu, Gabby made the coffee, and the customer was delighted.

Pawel Drabek
On his day off he overheard in the staff canteen that housekeeping needed help moving some beds. Pawel immediately went and helped.

Mark Burnhill & Jeanette Simpson
The day before their arrival a lady called to ask if we could put some large foil helium balloons in the room for her husbands 40th birthday with some decorations. Jeannette and Mark arranged between themselves to go to two separate shops to get a large, inflated number 40 and also some decorations for the room after they had finished work to bring in the following morning.

Cassie Parr 
Arranged flowers for a guest on the day of their arrival for a special occasion surprise. Gentleman was extremely grateful as he had forgotten to order this prior to his arrival.

Natalia Morzecka
Decorated a room service tray with left over confetti and extra flowers for an Anniversary stay.

Ilse Bujok
Overheard on check in that it was a guest’s birthday while they stayed with us. There was no mention of this on their reservation, so Ilse took two glasses of prosecco and a card to the room.


The Spa

Toni Moreno
After completing a full shift, Toni jumped in and did an evening of treatments after a therapist had to leave during her shift. This was incredible as it meant that we did not have to disappoint any guests by cancelling their treatments, we really appreciated it.

Beckie Gibson
Due to staff sickness Beckie came in and worked a long shift so that we wouldn’t have to cancel guest’s spa days and disappoint anyone, this was really appreciated!

Kiera Carrick
For deep cleaning the staff room from fridge, floors and lockers so that the Spa Staff had a nice area to relax whilst on their breaks

Scarlett Hans-Brooker
Stayed late after her shift to help a guest go through all the used robes to find her phone, this was successful, and the guest was very grateful to Scarlett

Joanna Nelson
Joanna looked after a guest’s dog so that all the guests, who had travelled from the Wild Boar, were able to use the leisure facilities at the same time.


Low Wood Bay

Adam Munro
Adam has been putting in many extra hours helping with food preparation after his breakfast shifts have finished ensuring that the restaurant could provide the expected high level of service to guests during a period of staff holidays and sickness. His hard work and support have been greatly appreciated.

Deryck Raine
Deryck’s support was invaluable and much appreciated when all the furniture needed to be moved from the courtyard rooms during their refurbishment. Without his help, the job could not have been completed so quickly and efficiently.

Sofia Spadafora
Sofia is totally committed to the Front of House Team and their welfare and will sacrifice her own time, including days off, to support them. The team consider it a privilege to have Sofia as their leader because she is always positive, encouraging, supportive and very thoughtful in bringing ‘treats’ to brighten up a busy and stressful day!

Ewelina Jozwik
One of Ewelina’s brides wanted to say how fantastic Ewelina has been as a wedding coordinator making sure her special day ran smoothly, she said that she couldn’t praise Ewelina’s hard work and support enough.

Warren Paessler
Warren has been coming in early to help wherever is needed in the kitchen, he has helped prepare for the weddings whilst working on the breakfast shift. His help has relieved pressure from the chefs coming in later on the day.

Paul Hamilton
Paul helped a guest who had lost their car keys search the car park for them until they were found.

Andy Goodson
Andy is an invaluable member of the front of house team. He will support the reception, the porters, the gate house, and concierge and is always accommodating to the needs of the business and help his colleagues when they need support.

Akira Horton-Cook
Akira has received many recommendations from guests in the Blue Smoke. They talk about his great service skills and his friendliness when serving.

Chad Morgan
Chad has received 13 commendations this month for his excellent service and warm hospitality.


Group Sales Office

Abby Porter
Abby kindly helped our new wedding co-ordinator Debbie with some Opera Cloud training; Debbie was so thankful and more confident after she spent time with Abby. Debbie felt supported by Abby especially when Abby would call after the training to check in with her.



Dan Wilson
Provided fantastic service, amazingly friendly and always there to help. Dan & Abi have really made our boating experience a pleasure!

David Roderick Jones
David helped and aided a customer with cerebral palsy getting into a kayak for him to be able to kayak and enjoy his time on the water.

Sam Vance
Making a coffee for a person in a wheelchair, as they couldn’t get up the step into the shop to make one themselves.

Daisy Schwarzer
Taking over 100 photos for customers on their phones throughout the season with enthusiasm and a smile all of the time.


English Lakes Head Office

Daniel Winstanley and Caroline Kay
Daniel and Caroline spent a couple of hours directing suppliers’ cars and vans and helping them to unload at the Caterite Exhibition that was held at Low Wood Bay.  This helped keep everyone moving and stopped the gridlock and everyone was very grateful for their help.


Central Reservations Sales

Amy Cullen
A lady had parked in back car park by the cabins. Amy so she was struggling with a lot of luggage, a pram and a baby. Amy helped her take her luggage to the atrium and as her baby needed feeding, Amy then went to reception to get her registration card and did the check in for her and a porter took her luggage to her room for her. The lady was very grateful to Amy.

Simone Gelder
Simone took a booking whereby the guest requested two sunflowers for the room. As the florist was away on holiday, Simone brought the sunflowers in personally so they would be in the room on arrival.



English Lakes Imaginators

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