Wedding Entertainment Ideas: the good, the bad and the ones to avoid all together!

Wedding entertainment has become a more important part of the day as time goes on, it’s an element where couples want to impress their guests. We’re here to remind you that the bigger and more ‘out there’ ideas aren’t always the best.

The Good


Now we don’t mean a guy trying to pull a rabbit from his hat or saw your mother-in-law in half. A ‘close up magician’ will specialise in card and sleight-of-hand tricks, this can be great to break the ice between families and friends as well as keep guests entertained between courses if you have a large wedding. If you’re getting married in Lancashire and the surrounds we recommend Zanda Magic or Ians Close Up Magic.


A classic, having a good singer can send chills up your guests’ spine as you do your first dance. Sometimes having a simple set up with a singing guitarist or pianist can be more special, intimate and romantic. Ava Grace has a contemporary but soulful sound, she can mix between classics and originals. Our ‘house Pianist’ Andrew Hilton can play a whole variety of songs and offers a beautiful sound for a more sophisticated atmosphere.  


Picking the right DJ can be difficult, most couples do opt for a DJ to carry on the evening entertainment into the early hours but the DJ can have a sink or swim effect. It’s important meet the DJ, read reviews and discuss your expectations before booking. There’s nothing worse than an empty dance-floor! DJ Andy Richardson, DJ Raf and DJ Gary Mills all have excellent reputations and are frequently booked by couples marrying at Lancaster House Hotel.

Photo Booth

Pretty much every wedding will have a professional photographer to capture the smiles, tears and family shots. Photo booths provide silly and funny pictures which make great favours for guests or can be added to a guest book to fill your memories with light-hearted fun. You can add in a theme and props to make it more entertaining, you'll probably end up having a queue!

Mr&Mrs Contest

Answering questions about your relationship and each other in front of family and friends may seem a bit daunting but makes for great entertainment and has become a really popular 'wedding game' in the last couple of years. Maybe just pre-screen the questions in case your host gets taken away, especially if it's the best man! 


The Bad

Flash Mobs

Some people love them but inevitably having a bunch of strangers at your wedding, pretending to mingle before breaking into dance is a bit odd. Your guests may be surprised but we feel this one if better left to corporate marketing campaigns.  


From Elvis to Churchill, having a lookalike at your wedding isn't bound to entertain everyone and do you really want a family photo with a lookalike? 

Fire Performers

This can be a real hit or miss, depending on the time of year and what else you have happening outside. Most people will venture outside to see fireworks but if you have one or two fire performers then people may not be as interested.

Avoid all together

Petting Zoo 

Unless you’re getting married on a farm, leave this one at the zoo. Whilst petting some fluffy animals or walking round with a donkey may seem like a great novelty, the mess they’ll leave for your guests to step in may not be as welcomed by their shoes or your venue.

Palm Reader/ Fortune Teller

We’d all like to know how bright and bubbly our futures look but what if there was bad news in the lines, stars or cards? Maybe it’s best to keep your wedding day about you.

Exotic Dancers

Whilst glitter, feathers and revealing outfits don't go amiss at carnivals and festivals, it may not create the lively and fun atmosphere you were hoping for. Some of your guests may find it a bit awkward, especially older family members or certain couples.   


Meet Entertainers at a Wedding Showcase

If you're still planning all the elements of your wedding, including picking wedding entertainment, it's a good idea to visit a couple of wedding showcases. They offer a great opportunity to talk with potential suppliers, ask any questions and receive advice on your wedding plans. 

Lancaster House Hotel hosts wedding showcases throughout the year and have, over the years, created excellent relationships with the county's most reliable and trusted suppliers

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