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This is something we never take for granted. Ever changing in the Lake District seasons, weather and time of day, the view from Low Wood Bay can at times be a radiant golden-hued panorama, a shimmering mirror of light, or a mist shrouded montage of moody mountains. It is certainly never boring.

Stretching as far as you can see, the view takes in the waters across Windermere, England’s longest lake, and high up over the ridges of Langdale Pikes, Crinkle Crags, Old Man of Coniston, and other well-trodden Lake District mountain tops.  

The view from Low Wood Bay was significant enough for the great bard, Wordsworth himself, to comment upon…

""Low Wood inn, a mile from the head of Windermere, is a most pleasant halting-place; no inn in the whole district is so agreeably situated for water views and excursions; and the field above it, and the lane that leads to Troutbeck, present beautiful views towards each extremity of the Lake.""
A Guide Through the District of the Lakes - William Wordsworth, 1810

Many of Low Wood Bay’s bedrooms take full advantage of the view over the lake to the mountains. Others share the view of the fells behind the hotel, where you will find a very pleasant higher level walk across the hills, enjoying the fine views all the way to Waterhead and on into Ambleside.

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