Personal Training

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The Health club's trainers are here to encourage and help you realize your own personal training goals & objectives.

Your Personal Trainer

Training alone can be hard at times. Training with an experienced trainer at your side, providing direction and encouragement when the going gets tough makes the effort seem so much easier and much more fun. That’s what our Personal Trainers are here for to inspire, motivate, and guide you through your fitness journey.

Membership to The Low Wood Bay Spa & Health Club provides access to the club's team of dedicated and highly qualified personal trainers. Each team member bringing their own unique skill set and knowledge to the club.


Personalized Training Plans

At The Spa & Health Club your Personal Trainer will consult with you to identify and establish what your own personal training objectives are. They will then work in partnership with yourself to develop a tailored training plan that suits both your schedule and commitments, helping you realize your training and fitness goals. They'll monitor your progress and keep you on track every step, stride, lift, pull-up, and stroke of the way.


Measurable Gains

The Spa & Health Club utilises the Myzone system of wearable fitness trackers. Myzone's innovative, wearable system accurately monitors physical activity in real time storing data securely in the cloud.

Your activity data assists both you and your personal trainer benchmark your fitness at any given time. Over time your progress can be readily monitored to assess your fitness gains and help establish meaningful and achievable training targets. 

Myzone also rewards users with 'effort points'. Just a small incentive to motivate users and encourage them to persevere in achieving their goals. Myzone users can also upload and share workouts with the Myzone community of users via the Myzone App.

Further Information

For further information about personal training call into the Health Club or contact the club on tel:

015394 39344

Lines open: 7.00am - 8.00pm

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