Indoor Thermal Spaces

A wonderful place to relax and revive.

Our indoor Thermal Space has 5 thermal experiences, indoor relaxation pool, bubble spa and relaxation lounge. From dry salts to gentle herbal infusions our thermal spaces are a place to absorb the tranquillity and magnificence of the Lake and beyond.

The Thermal Spaces

Dry Salt Sauna

Victorian doctors prescribed ‘taking the sea air’ as a cure for just about everything. Today, scientific research affirms the healing properties of salt for respiratory and skin conditions as well as helping a good night’s sleep. Our Dry Salt Room houses pure salt bricks containing over 84 different minerals rich in iron and magnesium. Breathe in!

Coconut Steam

Nothing transports us to summer like the fresh vibrant aroma of coconut. Combine that with the health benefits of steam – improved circulation, tension and stress relief, removal of toxins, promotion of clear and even-toned skin - and you have an experience that will tick all your ‘happy place’ boxes.  

The Herbal Lounge

There’s a space with your name on it. Choose your individual swing seat and suspend yourself in the warmth and aroma of our healthy herbal infusion. The lounge is heated to 65c, cooler than a sauna but warm enough to make you relax. Ease achy muscles, reduce tension and restore over-busy minds.

Thermal & Vitality Pool

Certainly not your average pool. Drift gently suspended on warm thermal currents or simply lie back on one of our submerged loungers and take in the stunning Lakeland scenery. You could almost be floating on the lake – but warmer!

Relaxation Lounge

Relax in a swinging pod, chat, plug in, read a book, watch the water sports – there is definitely no hurry here. Hydrate with one of our refreshing flavoured waters or let our SpaTender take your order. 

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