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Dinner Menu

Guests on a dinner inclusive rate may choose any starter, main and dessert. All other dishes, and items with a supplement price (e.g. *£3.00) will be charged accordingly.


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Soup of the Day (g, v) £7.50
Freshly baked bread

Pan Fried Mackerel (gf) £9.00
Crème du Mure, shallots, pickled blackberries, shallot puree and sauce mousseline

Guinea Fowl Pressing £9.00
Lemon, garlic, artichoke

Roast Scallops (*2.75) £11.50
Onion and shiitake mushroom broth, leeks, sesame

Frank Benson’s Warm Morecambe Bay Shrimps (gf*) (*£2.00) £11.00
Brioche, lemon, dill

Miso Charred Aubergine (ve, n) £8.50
Tahini mayonnaise, pickled kohlrabi, savoury granola

Roast Quail £9.00
Celeriac, bacon, black pudding, apple


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Mushroom and Cheese Pithivier (v) £17.50
Old Winchester cheese, kink oyster mushroom, pickled shiitake mushroom, leek puree, parsley, lemon emulsion

Beef Fillet (gf*) (*£12.50) £32.50
8oz dry aged beef fillet, garlic & rosemary chips, slow cooked tomato, flat cap mushroom, pepper-corn sauce or Café de Paris butter

Monkfish (gf) £24.00
Celeriac, celery, leeks, tiger prawn, shellfish sauce

Carrot and Cumin Risotto (ve) £17.50
Pickled kohlrabi, spinach, sautéed salsify, coriander, sesame dressing

Roast Venison Haunch £19.00
Beetroot and venison suet pudding, braised red cabbage, Anna potatoes, venison sauce

Ribble Valley Chicken Breast £19.00
Butternut squash gnocchi, spinach, rainbow chard, tarragon cream

Roast Rump of Lamb (gf) £21.00
braised lamb belly polenta, cavolo nero, salsa verde, rosemary sauce

Market Fish of the Day (gf) £19.00

Side dishes £3.75
Slow Roast Garlic and Rosemary Chips
Crispy Anna potato
Braised red cabbage
Minted new potatoes
Mixed leaf salad
Honey & thyme roasted chantenay carrots


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To Finish

Spiced Crème Brûlée (v, gf*) £8.50

Sticky Toffee Pudding (v) (gf*) £8.50
Vanilla ice cream, butterscotch sauce

"Apple Pie" (ve) £8.50
Warm apple compote, crispy pastry, Lancashire cheese ice cream, caramel apple syrup

Banana Parfait (v, ve) £8.50
Chocolate mousse, chocolate aero

Lemon Bakewell (n) £8.50
Lemon sorbet

Gingerbread £8.50
Stem ginger mousse, blackberries

Selection of Courtyard Dairy Cheeses (gf*) (*£4.50) £12.50
Fruit chutney, celery, grapes, an individual taster of white port


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Prices are inclusive of VAT charged at the current rate.

Allergens and Dietary Requirements: It is the responsibility of the diner to inform or ask any team member on special dietary requirements or allergen information. Allergen information is available for all our dishes, however, due to preparation or cooking method, it is not possible to guarantee total segregation of any allergens.

(n) - contains nuts (v) - vegetarian (gf) - gluten free (gf*) - gluten free adaptable (ve) - vegan (df) - dairy free



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