Archery in The Wild Boar Woods

Our all new archery range allows us to create a comprehensive session, covering various disciplines.

What to Expect

During the session you will have the opportunity to try all the disciplines. Starting with a straight forward straw target, we will give you initial coaching and you’ll refine your skills. Next is our Field Archery, which allows you to use your new skills to shoot at life size animal targets which are located at various different stands set within the beautiful Wild Boar woodlands. Then you move onto the final part which is a moving target setup. You will shoot at a target fired into the air using our specialist kit.

This is fast and fun and certainly gives you a sense of how difficult it would be to survive in the wild!

Archery at The Wild Boar Woods Pricing

£49 per person

(minimum of two)


Telephone Mike 07814 030249 or email