Experiences at The Wild Boar

Set in the beautiful Gilpin Valley The Wild Boar provides an ideal setting for a broad range of experiences from a Journey with Wolves to Duck Herding.


Journey with Wolves in the Wild Boar Woods

Join a wolf hybrid pack, on a magical journey through the woods at The Wild Boar.  Be part of the pack. Learn the intricacy of social ranking and the subtle art of canine communication. If you’re lucky you’ll hear them howl! Finish the day with a dish of Wild Boar in the Grill & Smokehouse Restaurant or a private dining experience in The Undermillbeck Room

Lakeland Country Pursuits

Try your hand at Archery, from stationary to moving targets, our instructors will help you hone your skills, with archery courses available throughout the year. Whether starting off learning how to shoot or perfecting your skills shooting at straw bosses, you’ll soon be ready to move onto the field archery session.

If archery does not pique your interest, then why not try clay Pigeon Shooting? Based at our custom built shooting range, our clay targets are devised to mimic live quarry including pheasant, crows and grouse.  

Both the archery and clay pigeon shooting sessions are centred in the Wild Boar’s very own 72 acre, private woodland.

Combine with alternative afternoon tea for a relaxing end to an exciting day.

Brewhouse Tour and tasting

Cosy up by the fire with one of the Wild Boars very own ales, brewed onsite by master-brewer Tim Bloomer. Choose from a selection of ales, to find the one that suits you, and see the microbrewery itself up-close. 

Duck Herding – SEE

Add a bit of hilarity to your stay by having a go at duck herding; participants can observe the experts in action, trained Border collie sheepdogs, as they round up Indian runner ducks, and before long, have a go yourself.

Half day – £75.00 + VAT per head based on minimum 10 people

Wellbeing Days / Workshops - SEE

Full Day Wellbeing Day

Including an afternoon activity such as bush craft, canoeing, orienteering or hill walking.

If you are looking for a day of interaction and positivity, then SEEEVENTS wellbeing days are the place to go. Incorporating both indoor and outdoor team building activities, outdoor pursuits and mindfulness exercises, prepare for your team to feel rejuvenated and strengthened.

£140.00 + VAT per head based on 10 people
£110.00 + VAT per head based on 15 people

Half Day Wellbeing Workshop

Half day morning or afternoon Wellbeing Workshop:

From £75.00 + VAT per head based on 10 people
From £60.00 + VAT per head based on 15 people

GPS Urban Adventure Orienteering – SEE

For this event, teamwork is imperative. Intricate courses and challenges will test a team’s ability to work together and overcome any obstacles. A GPS, provided by SEEEVENTS, will combine modern technology with traditional navigation methods for a high-tech treasure hunt.

Half day – from £50.00 + VAT per head based on 10 people.

Lakeland Adventure Challenge

“I’m in the Lake District Get Me out Of Here!” - SEE

A Lakeland adventure like no other, instructors will brief teams, who will then face various outdoor challenges such as bush craft and survival skills, orientation and navigation and even, for those brave enough, food ‘delicacy’ challenges.

Full day - From £125.00 + VAT per head based on 10 people
Half day – From £95.00 + VAT per head based on 10 people

Predator Experience

Hawk walks/falconry tuition/eagle experiences. Get up close and personal with some of the animal kingdom’s fiercest hunters. Learn all about the ins and outs of falconry; observe hawks glide through the trees and land gently onto your gloved arm; experience the freedom of the Lakeland Fells as you meet the king of the skies: the Golden Eagle.


Lakeland Eco Challenge

Activus Outdoors

Prepare to test your fitness levels while helping to preserve the Lake District’s landscape. Over the span of two days, participants will take part in multi-activity or single challenges while actively participating in helping to fix the fells for future generations.

Movie Maker – SEE

What better way to channel your inner Steven Spielberg than to write, direct and film your own movie production. SEEVENTS provides just this, allowing groups to be put into teams, briefed, and provided the equipment needed to create their own short movie production.  

Half dayFrom £95.00 + VAT per head based on 10 people.

Bush Craft Village

Fresh air, fire and healthy competition make up this great team event. You and your colleagues will be split into groups where you compete to be the first civilisation to set up a sustainable village. You will need to work together to build shelters, light a fire using friction, make bush darts, master traditional tools and cook fish on an open fire. Communication, cohesion and perseverance will be needed for this event all whilst enjoying the natural environment around you.  This event is a great digital detox, allowing you to get back to nature. 

Cost: £80.00+VAT per person

CBA Min 5 Max 120 @ £80+ PP
(discounts available for large groups)

Treetop Trek – Brockhole

Bring your team together on a High Ropes Challenge - high in the treetops your team will learn to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles and deliver the team to the end of the course.


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