English Lakes Hotels Ethics & Values

"At its heart, our +1 culture is about building strong relationships with our guests, suppliers, local community and our colleagues. We acknowledge that each person is an individual and we make it our goal to discover individual expectations and then look for creative ways of going the extra mile to exceed those expectations"
Tina Taylor, +1 Manager


Each new employee is invited to attend our one day Expectations course designed to welcome them to the company and discover more about the English Lakes family of hotels. We also talk in depth about our +1 Culture and +1 System.

Our +1 System

It’s all very well having a ‘going the extra mile’ philosophy but the strength of this will be seen through the system that supports such ideals. At English Lakes we have a tried and tested system that recognises the +1 activities carried out by our teams and acknowledges the individuals who have provided that +1 service.

+1 Nominations – Each month colleagues nominate other members of the team who have performed a +1 service. Simon Berry, Chairman and Managing Director, reads through all the nominations and chooses the worthy ‘winners’.

+1 Winners

It is not unusual to have between 60 - 100 winners every month. +1 Certificates are issued, each including a short description of the +1 activity being acknowledged. This usually comes as a pleasant surprise to the recipient as these tasks are more often than not undertaken spontaneously and not in order to gain recognition.

Silver and Gold Certificates

When an employee reaches ten +1 certificates, he becomes a Silver +1 Winner and receives a Silver +1 lapel badge, when an employee reaches twenty-five he becomes a Gold +1 Winner and receives a Gold +1 lapel badge. Silver and Gold +1s are presented at one of our prestigious Service Award lunches attended by the Board of Directors.

+1 Ambassador

We do not claim to have the monopoly on +1 activity. We have often been on the receiving end of a service above and beyond our expectations and have recognised friends, family members, suppliers and guests who have gone the extra mile for us!

Programmed +1

A programmed +1 is awarded to team members when they introduce an innovative idea which will improve the service that we offer to our guests across our family of hotels.

In July 2014 Andy Lemm, General Manager at The Wild Boar introduced our new Sam’s Club drinks bottle. This enables our younger guests to receive free refills of cordial at any of our hotels.

I think it is fair to say that receiving certificates and badges in itself has never been a motivation for participating in our +1 System but they do authenticate the process and give us a way of celebrating all the little things that make a huge difference.

"No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted" - Aesop