Supporting our Community

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Supporting our local communities is an important part of our business at English Lakes Hotels. Below you can see some of the projects we help to support across Lancashire and Cumbria.


Visitor Giving

Breathing New Life Into Our Landscapes

Trees... one of the elements that gives the environment around our hotels their distinctive beauty. The UK has over 30 native tree species, many of which are found in the Lake District and Lancashire. Britain is also believed to be the custodian of one of the highest percentage of ancient trees in Europe. Many of these Cathedrals of the Countryside are much older than the built landscape, making them a vital part of our heritage that must be cared for. We are now at a crossroads in our country’s environmental future. If we are to combat the climate crisis and meet the national net-zero carbon target by 2050, tree planting on a greater scale than ever before must become part of our conversation. Indeed, as a country we need to get on and plant at least 1.5 billion trees as part of the country’s net emissions target. English Lakes Hotels Resorts & Venues are committed to a programme of reducing our carbon footprint by planting trees in our local area. This will not only tackle climate change and prevent future flooding, but also preserve the beauty of the countryside for future generations to enjoy. 

Each guest visiting English Lakes Hotels Resorts & Venues is invited to give a voluntary donation of £1 at the end of their stay. Most are happy to contribute in the knowledge that the money raised is working hard to protect and maintain the landscape for future generations.

The money raised is used to support a host of projects across Cumbria and Lancashire, delivered by committed organisations who are working hard to protect our beautiful landscape, support local communities and promote our wonderful heritage.


Cumbria Community Foundation 

Cumbria Community Foundation supports individuals, families and communities by addressing disadvantage in many forms. Every year they support over 500 projects; since 1999 they have invested over £44 million into nearly 4,000 groups and 8,000 individuals.

In 2019 English Lakes supported Windermere, Ambleside and District Angling Association (WADAA), through the community foundation. The project was to improve access at Castlehead Tarn, providing wheelchair access to the area and helping to open up the sport to the wider community.


Environmental Projects With The Lake District Foundation

For over sixteen years English Lakes supported the Lake District Foundation. Raising nearly £200,000 to help minimise the adverse impacts of tourism, whilst maximising the positive effects of tourism on the local economy.

The Lake District Foundation is a charity set up to protect the landscape and environment of Cumbria and the Lake District. The money donated supported a variety of conservation and restoration projects. The beauty of the local landscape and wonderful wildlife are enjoyed by millions of visitors each year, but the effect of footfall has an impact on the environment.


The Puppy That Keeps on Giving

Sam's Club is our children's activity club for children aged 5-10. Sam is a big cuddly dog who has entertained children of all ages at English Lakes for many years now and was based on the Berry family's own bearded collie. A smaller version of Sam graces the hotel bedrooms and can also be purchased from our Reception teams. Multi-tasking Sam wears a Do Not Disturb collar which can be placed on the bedroom door when peace and quiet are the order of the day.


Windermere Pump Track

English Lakes Sam Club donated £20,000 to the redevelopment of a local children's playpark.

Here he is enjoying the new BMX track - you just can't keep a good pup down!


Education In Kenya With The Noah Initiative

Sam's Club offers a variety of activities for kids staying with us, from a Boulder Trail to goodie bags. Our restaurants have special Sam's menus which include dishes which, if chosen, make a donation to the Noah Initiative.

Through the Noah Initiative, English Lakes sponsors students in Kenya who receive education and life-skills to become empowered to drive positive change in their communities. Disadvantaged youth are accepted into the educational and mentorship programmes to help them create better and brighter futures.


Supporting Cancer Charities

English Lakes are delighted to support Paddlers for Life, a charity which helps fight breast cancer. Research has shown that physical activity involving teamwork and paddling can give cancer survivors both physical and emotional benefits, as well as helping to build friendship and support networks.

Paddlers for Life have two dragon boats at Low Wood Bay Watersports Centre and meet most Sundays to practice.

Paddlers for Life paddled in the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee River Pageant. Our own Paul Brown, Low Wood Bay Watersports Centre Manager, drove down with the boats, launched them in the Thames and coxed one of the boats.

Anyone who would like to get involved in Paddlers for Life, or who would like to offer sponsorship or donations, can contact Paddlers For Life directly.


Supporting Local Businesses

Where possible, we choose local businesses to supply our properties. We develop good working relationships with companies to promote a stronger local economy within the National Park. 

We also make recommendations to guests on where to visit and what to do during their stay. We have created itineraries and blogs which promote local shops, smaller surrounding villages and independent attractions to support the wider Lakeland community.