Wild Boar Restaurant Manager Introduces Aged Cocktails

Created Wednesday, December 13, 2017, by Tina Taylor

We are delighted to welcome Alex Lunan, Restaurant Manager, to the team at The Wild Boar. She has had a fascinating career to date that has taken her all around the globe. We were interested to find out a bit about her experience and to know more about The Wild Boar’s latest liquid offering, Aged Cocktails! 

Where has your work taken you? 

I’ve worked in hospitality for about 13 years and enjoyed time in America, Australia, 6 months on a cruise around the Bahamas and, of course, the UK.

Working for Disney was where I learned waitressing, going that extra step and seeing what a difference small gestures can make to someone’s visit. It was the happiest place to work and the experience of a lifetime. That’s when I got bitten by the travel bug.

Restaurant work allowed me to travel and explore the world and I fell in love with the food and wine (maybe the wine a bit too much). In Australia I worked with Hatted Chefs (Australia’s version of Michelin stars) and for an amazing boutique hotel where we had our hair and make up done every evening, wore little black dresses, and dinner was a show! 

When I moved back to the UK, I started at Soho House, a creative media members club and it’s here where I worked up the management ladder. I got to look after people like Morgan Freeman and Ed Sheeran to name a couple. It was also hard work, 60-70 hour weeks, but I had an amazing team and we supported each other. 

And your inspiration in the industry? 

My previous General Manager, Tom Howe, became my mentor and showed me the difference that good management can make. He had such a passion for developing food and drink menus and pushing the industry forward. 

A few of the dishes served in the restaurant at The Wild Boar

The most important lesson you've learnt?

 You have to have fun! It is a hardworking job but your team keeps you going, and vice versa.

Alex and the team at The Wild Boar share a pre-Christmas drink

What brought you to The Wild Boar?  

What attracted me to Inn was its friendly feel and quirky vibe. I’ve always preferred places with personality. I’m still exploring, but the Lake District countryside is amazing and so different to London. 

Wintery Woodland Scene at The Wild Boar

Wintery Woodland Scene at The Wild Boar

Tell us about aged cocktails  

 This is all about fabulous flavour. The liquor takes on the flavours of the wood barrel giving it a richness and a round oaky taste. If you can wait long enough! Ideally you need to leave the liquor in for a couple of months.  The one that we are aging at the moment is a classic...

  • Whisky 
  • Sugar syrup 
  • Angostura bitters
  • Garnished with an orange slice  

Book at Table at The Wild Boar

For excellent food, home brewed beer, aged cocktails and a very warm welcome, book your table at the Inn and come and meet Alex and the restaurant team. Call  015394 45225 for reservations. 



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