Local Art Exhibition Transports us to Venice

Created Tuesday, October 17, 2017, by Tina Taylor

We regularly feature local artists’ work in our Reception area at Waterhead. Our guests love the different media and styles that we are treated to throughout the year, and excitingly, we never know what we are going to get next.

 A selection of local art that has featured in Waterhead

Waterhead #Bootique features activities that can be accessed within a short distance of the hotel, an ever changing array of walks, shops, events, sporting activities and attractions. We are delighted to include, for a short time only, an Exhibition of world-class art at one of our featured retailers, the Old Courthouse Gallery in Ambleside.
A Day in Venice: A Watercolour Journey by Phil Hobbs will open on Saturday, 21st October and run until Sunday, 5th November.

Phil Hobbs is an established and highly respected watercolour artist who paints with depth, realism and an amazing ability to create warmth and atmosphere that invites the spectator into the streets and alleys of his paintings. He has lived and worked in the Lake District for over forty years and is a past President and honorary life member of the prestigious Lakes Artist Society.

Visiting Venice over twenty years ago as a distraction from a wet and soggy painting trip in Florence, he writes,

… Nothing could have prepared me for that first visit. Nor has anything since come close to that revelation.

Over the last twenty years Phil has spent much of his time in Venice, exploring the maze of cobbles, paths and winding waterways, soaking up the romance and culture of this ancient city. The result is an incredible body of work and a narrative that speaks of his love of the place, all of which has culminated in his book, Venice: A Watercolour Journey. The book contains 165 drawings, sketches and paintings and five hand-drawn maps and is peppered with lively anecdotes of Phil’s visits to the city.

The exhibition is an opportunity to see close up many of the original paintings that feature in the book. Some of the paintings will be available to purchase, as will the book, and limited edition copies of the book.

Paul Jones, the owner of the Old Courthouse Gallery commented,

“we’re delighted to be hosting this special event. Phil’s book very much reflects his personal warmth and his insights as an artist. Similarly, the Exhibition will reflect the journey theme he develops in his book, illustrating an interesting stroll in Venice from Dawn, through the Day and on into Dusk. We look forward to welcoming you to the gallery.”

Drop in for the freshest coffee in town

Waterhead is a short walk from the Old Courthouse Gallery and a great place to enjoy a great cup of coffee overlooking the lake. For the freshest taste we roast and grind the coffee beans ourselves, the different beans and roast times creating unique flavours. Fresh artisan coffee for the discerning pallet!