Meeting Room Facilities at Lancaster House Hotel

People use the Lancaster House Conference Centre for so many purposes. That's why we've carefully designed the Centre to provide three self contained Conference Suites, each suite comprising a fully equipped Conference Room with three adjacent Meeting Rooms.

Access to each of the suites is gained from the Centre lounge area and provides the course organiser with an opportunity to run events which require separate work areas for smaller groups around a common training room. With a wide range of room combinations we can tailor each space to your specific needs.

Lancaster House Conference Centre Floorplan

Training Room Details

Training Room Equipment:

  • 41" Monitor & Video Machine
  • 35mm Remote Control Carousel Projector
  • Overhead Projector & Screen
  • 2 Hanging Flip Charts
  • Pendax Rail System
  • 1 Fixed White Board
  • Loop System for hard of hearing (Training Room1 only)


Meeting Room Equipment:

  • 2 Hanging Flip Charts
  • Pendax Rail System
  • 1 Hanging White Board


Room Dimensions

Training Room 1 Dimensions

Length: 9m  |  Width: 10m  |  Height: 3.5m |  Area: 90sqm

Training Rooms 2 & 3 Dimensions
Length: 10m  |  Width: 9m  |  Height: 3.5m |  Area: 90sqm


Room Layouts & Capacities

Cabaret: 50 | Theatre: 96 | Herringbone: 80 | Classroom: 50 | Single U: 28 | Double U: 40 | Square: 36




Training Room 1 & Lounge

When you want to step back and see the bigger picture, unite as a whole or just make the most of your space, you've come to the right venue.

Lancaster House has the capability of accommodating larger Conferences with facilities for up to 180 delegates seated in theatre style. This configuration is achieved by removing the dividing wall between Training Room 1 and the Centre Lounge, creating a large impressive space for your event.

You can also be assured of our ability to cater for the needs of larger numbers of delegates to the same high standard that has given Lancaster House it's well earned reputation as a premier Conference Venue.


Room Dimensions

Length: 19m  |  Width: 10m  |  Height: 4.5m |  Area: 190sqm


Room Layouts & Capacities

Theatre: 180 | Classroom: 80



Syndicate Rooms

To make the most of your time together, the individual Syndicate Rooms in the Conference Centre are all air-conditioned and provide the perfect space for smaller meetings ranging from six to twenty-four delegates. Each room has a comprehensive range of presentation equipment as standard and will be set up to meet your individual needs according to your instructions.

Whether you need a place to review the day's events, consider all your options or plan the way ahead, the Syndicate Rooms at Lancaster House provide the perfect space to collectively gather your thoughts.


Room Dimensions

Syndicate Rooms 2b & 3b Room Dimensions
Length: 6m  |  Width: 3.8m  |  Height: 2.6m |  Area: 23sqm

Syndicate Rooms 1a, 1b, 2a, 2c, 3a, 3c Room Dimensions
Length: 5m  |  Width: 3.8m  |  Height: 2.6m |  Area: 19sqm


Room Layouts & Capacities

Theatre: 200 | Classroom: 60 | Single U: 50 | Double U: 70 | Square: 60 | Banquet: 170



Bailrigg, Ashton & Syndicate Room 1c

Ideal for meetings of between 10 - 36 people

Bringing people together for whatever reason provides a wonderful opportunity for interaction, creativity and the meeting of minds. At Lancaster House we will help you make the most of these opportunities.

The Bailrigg Room, Ashton Room and Syndicate Room 1c are slightly larger able to accommodate small Conferences or Training Events. Each can be equipped to a similar standard as the Conference Rooms.

As are all the rooms in the Conference Centre, these three rooms are particularly suitable for use as dedicated Teaching Facilities or as general access centres, allowing you to link up with the universities considerable resources. All computer points are connected via a local area network to the University mainframe computers and hence the national and international networks.


Room Dimensions

Bailrigg Room
Length: 6.9m | Width: 5.2m | Height: 2.6m | Area: 36sqm

Syndicate Room
Length: 5.9m  |  Width: 5m  |  Height: 2.6m |  Area: 30sqm

Ashton Room
Length: 5.4m  |  Width: 5.5m  |  Height: 2.6m |  Area: 30sqm


Room Layouts & Capacities

Bailrigg Room
Theatre: 36 | Classroom: 24 | Single U: 14 | Square: 20

Ashton & Syndicate Room 1c
Theatre: 32 | Classroom: 18 | Single U: 10 | Square:16


Terms & Conditions

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