Food & Drinks Menus

Browse The Wild Boar's selection of Food & Drink menus with a wide variety of dishes to whet every palate.

The Wild Boar | A line of steaks from the Dinner Menu

The Wild Boar | Dinner Menu

The Wild Boar offers guests and visitors a changing menu that both represents the seasons and established favourite dishes.

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Tempting cheesecake from The Wild Boar Dessert Menu

The Wild Boar | Pudding Menu

The Wild Boar pudding menu offers both guests and restaurant visitors a tempting selection of local favourite and a temptingly seasonally selection of dishes.

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A variety of dishes from the Breakfast Menu

The Wild Boar | Breakfast Menu

The Wild Boar Breakfast menu offers guests at the hotel a reassuring selection of favourites to start the day.

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Afternoon Tea at The Wild Boar, near Windermere

The Wild Boar | Afternoon Tea Menu

The Wild Boar's Alternative Afternoon Tea is a popular treat with both locals and guests with a vegan alternative also available to enjoy.

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A selection of drinks from The Wild Boar Bar

The Wild Boar | Wine List

The Wild Boar offers both guests and visitors a comprehensive selection of wines and spirits. 'The Boar' offering a choice selection of Whiskies.

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