Teambuilding Fun for Employees at Low Wood Bay

Created Tuesday, August 2, 2022, by Tina Alexander

Working in the Lake District has many benefits, not least being surrounded by stunning scenery and some amazing small village communities. It’s also good when your Low Wood Bay manager organises a fun evening of teambuilding activities!

Created Tuesday, August 2, 2022, by Tina Alexander


Jobs in Lake District Hospitality - Work Hard, Play Hard

Jobs in the Lake District hospitality industry have gone through difficult times in the last few years. But as the country gets back into full flow and Lake District short breaks and Lakeland holidays are very much back on the agenda, the teams at Low Wood Bay are as always, ready to welcome visitors to the resort.

Last week, as a way of saying ‘thank you’ for a very successful quarter the managers of Low Wood Watersports and The Spa – Dan, Gary, Klara and Abi – organised an hilarious evening of fun and frolics. The added benefit was that it was also a great team builder.

Thirty-seven people from the two teams met for their safety briefing at 5.30 pm – all wearing buoyancy aids (because it will look hilarious on a space hopper!!). So, three teams of 12 with Callum from Watersports as the organiser and adjudicator.

Gary Tennant, Manager of The Spa, said …

The teams at Low Wood Bay work incredibly hard, and so a few of the managers got together to work out how we could show our appreciation. We are incredibly proud of the individuals and teams that provide excellent service, always going above and beyond expectations.

Building Memories for our Low Wood Bay Employees

The teams at Low Wood Bay can be like family, especially to those who are living away from home, perhaps for the first time. Klara, Low Wood Bay Leisure Office Manager, was keen to stress how important it was to create lasting memories for our Low Wood Bay staff, as well as for our guests.

Eggs, Spoons, Skis and Space Hoppers

The three teams chose their name, with best name getting extra points. We had Dan’s Pretty Girls; Jardine’s Angels; and Dougal Duodena Doudesses. You try choosing the best! The team captains, Charlie, Gary and Dan, called their teams to order, and the competition was on.

We kicked off with the Ski race with three people from each team racing against each other and covering one end of the lawn to the other. Hilarious on dry grass.

Everyone had to have a turn on the Space Hopper Relay. The loudest supporting team got extra points, as well as the winners of course.

The egg and spoon race was not just a straight line affair. It was around a course of cones, as well as having to limbo under an obstacle. Great fun.

Eggs also featured in the egg throwing competition to determine who could throw an egg the furthest without it breaking. There were several scrambled attempts at this one.

The competitive activities were rounded off by a rowdy Mega SUP slalom event. Two teams competed against each other, to the cheers of the crowd and various passers by who got involved.

The competitors moved to Low Wood Bay Conference Centre where the fire pits were lit and dinner and refreshments were laid on. There were medals for everyone, and trophies for the winning team.

A great evening of fun and hilarity was had by all.

Jobs at Low Wood Bay

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