A-Z of the Lakes

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A – Z of the Lakes is our digital concierge service which is here to help you plan your stay and discover things to do within the resort and the local area.

Blue Smoke on the Bay Couple

B is for Blue Smoke on the Bay

Our newest dining experience. Mouth-watering and flavoursome dishes cooked on an open wood-fired grill. B is also for... Brunch! Enjoy a hearty and leisurely brunch with spectacular views across Windermere at Blue Smoke on the Bay

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Langdale Sunset

E is for Explore

Explore the Lake District from Low Wood Bay Resort & Spa. The dictionary definition says that to explore is to "conduct a systematic search or to travel over new territory for adventure or discovery."

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The Health Club at Low Wood Bay Reception

H is for Health Club

The Health Club at Low Wood Bay is much more than just a Health Club, it's a lifestyle and place of relaxation, as well as having state of the art facilities, extensive indoor and outdoor classes and much more.

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Flyboarding at Low Wood Bay Watersports

O is for Outdoors

Explore the great outdoors from our doorstep at Low Wood Bay. Whether you want to explore Windermere from a motorboat or learn how to waterski, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

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Thermal Spaces | Low Wood Bay Resort & Spa | R is for Relax

R is for Relax

The dictionary definition states that to relax is ‘to make or become less tense or anxious’. At Low Wood Bay, we have designed our resort around this very achievable aim.

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View from Low Wood Bay Resort & Spa

V is for View

View - The view is one of our best features here at Low Wood Bay. We are lucky to have a spectacular panoramic view across Lake Windermere with many of our rooms benefiting from this view.

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Sam the Dog

Z is for Zzz

Sleep – that essential component of a healthy life. The Sleep Foundation encourages us to concentrate not just on quantity of sleep, but good quality, uninterrupted sleep. The formula seems to be ensuring that you fall asleep in less than 30 minutes and sleeping soundly through the night with no more than one awakening.

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Lake District View from Low Wood Bay Resort & Spa | English Lakes Hotels

W is for Wow

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