Z is for Zzz

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Sleep – that essential component of a healthy life.

The Sleep Foundation encourages us to concentrate not just on quantity of sleep, but good quality, uninterrupted sleep. The formula seems to be ensuring that you fall asleep in less than 30 minutes and sleeping soundly through the night with no more than one awakening.

Good quality sleep will ensure our bodies and minds are refreshed and restored.  Holidays are a great time to re-calibrate and get prepared for a new season. The team at Low Wood Bay have been researching the best ways to enable a really good night’s sleep whilst you are staying at the resort.

We’ve bounced on mattresses, fluffed the pillows, straightened the sheets, experimented with teas, considered dimmed lighting, researched the best pillow spray – all in the quest for your best night’s sleep.

Get Comfortable

The Housekeeping team at Low Wood Bay know that one of the most important elements of any time away from home, whether business or leisure, is a good night’s sleep.

It is their mission to make every room a haven of comfort when it comes to beds and bedding. They’ve also perfected their Turndown Service – make sure you request it - with a few luxuries to help you drift off to the land of nod. Awake refreshed and ready for a Lake District adventure.

After a day travelling, or exploring the Lakes, it is time to get comfy. We have our own laundry at Low Wood Bay where we wash our extra thick and snuggly towelling robes which you will find in your room, along with a pair of slippers.

And so to bed

The Cannon family of Feathers & Springs are passionate about making sure people have a good night’s sleep. They have lived on the Lancashire/Cumbria border for 4 generations, and their Feathers & Springs showroom is only 8 miles from Low Wood Bay. Perfect for enabling us to try out the mattresses that we’ve chosen for our guests at the hotel. Our mattresses are a bespoke design, based on their Ruskin mattress.

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The hand-crafted pocket sprung Ruskin mattress is designed to support the body in every sleeping position. At around 10 inches deep this mattress is crafted using 3000 individual luxurious pocketed springs within a supported frame. The individually housed springs provide excellent support and even weight distribution to prevent ‘rolling together’, meaning you can enjoy a restful night’s sleep. To ensure ultimate comfort this mattress encapsulates generous white layers of plump and luxurious fillings and is finished to the highest standard, with a luxurious damask quilted cover ensuring you are comfortable and cosy while you sleep.

As part of our turndown service, we provide a White Company pillow mist. This relaxing white lavender sleep spray means that you will be able to take advantage of the sleep enhancing properties of lavender. Breathe in and relax! See you at breakfast.

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