Spa Treatments

Our Signature range of exclusively designed skincare products and treatments are distinct and individual.

That means the treatments we offer will always be a completely tailor-made experience, catering for every skin type, skin condition and stage of life.

Skincare Products

Treatments at The Spa at Low Wood Bay

Berry & Birch Treatments

Berry & Birch Logo The Spa at Low Wood Bay

Berry & Birch ingredients are 100% natural – you won’t find any synthetics, parabens or skin irritants here. Each product is blended from essential oils containing vitamins, anti-oxidants and skin-nurturing ingredients, designed to leave your skin feeling soft and nourished.  

"No treatment will ever be the same. Berry and Birch, Naturally Honest Skin Care."

ESPA Treatments

ESPA uses only the purest and most natural ingredients, carefully blended by highly trained dermatologists and aroma therapists. The results deliver both instant benefits and protect the long term health and beauty of the skin.


Spa Treatments

Couples back treatment at The Spa at Low Wood Bay

Body Treatments

A range of massage treatments designed to gently work the aches and pains out of your body and pamper the skin. With an exquisite range of natural oils massaged into the skin and the diffusion of essential oils that soothe and relax, you will receive a holistic approach to muscle and skin care that will leave you feeling cleansed and refreshed.

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Facial Treatment

Facial Treatments

From cleansing, toning and moisturising to scrubs, peels and massages, our facials help restore a healthy, clear complexion and balance to your skin, leaving it soft and fresh looking, but more importantly leaving you feeling pampered and relaxed.

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Feet Treatments at The Spa at Low Wood Bay

Hands and Feet Treatments

Why shouldn’t your hands and feet look and feel great too!

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Relax in the Green Room and soak up the stunning views over Windermere from the Spa at Low Wood Bay

Recovery Treatments

When you, or someone you know, is ill or suffering a long-term medical condition, it may be a lonely and perhaps overwhelming journey.

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Mum to be | The Spa at Low Wood Bay

Baby on Board

After the first three months of pregnancy, it’s time to think about you. Top of the list is making sure that we create a space for you to relax and unwind.

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Relax in the Dry Salt Sauna at The Spa at Low Wood Bay

Men in Mind

Now is the time to admit that for too long women have had the biggest slice of the Health, Beauty and Grooming Pie. We’d like to redress that balance.

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The Mud Room

The Mud Room

Where else can you throw mud at each other for 30 minutes and come out with silky soft skin and a relaxing glow?

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