Low Wood Bay’s Ultimate Thermal Experience

For a day of total relaxation, health benefits for mind and body, combined with wonderful Lake District views, The Spa at Low Wood Bay offers The Ultimate Thermal Experience.

This is really three distinct experiences rolled into one – Thermal Journey, Sauna Meister Experience and The Mud Room.

Thermal Journey

The Spa at Low Wood Bay takes you on a multi-faceted thermal journey. After your SpaTender welcomes you to the relaxing environment of the Spa and kits you out with robe and slippers, you have a whole three hours to enjoy the various rooms, cabins and pools available.

Sit back on one of The Herbal Lounge swing seats, suspended cosily above the herbal infusion aroma. The Dry Salt Room has walls of mineral-enriched salt bricks, rich in iron and magnesium – great for improving respiratory and skin conditions, as well as aiding a good night’s sleep.

The Coconut Steam Room will transport you to a vibrant and stress-relieving summer-time feel. The Spa’s indoor Thermal and Vitality Pools allows you to drift gently on warm thermal currents, or lie back on a submerged lounger. This would be good enough, but add in a stunning lake view, and you are taken to a different level of laid back! The Relaxation Lounge is a chill out zone with swinging pods, perfect for reading, plugging in or just watching the world go by.

Outside, our Fellside Infinity Pool commands amazing views over Lake Windermere. There are two toasty Outdoor Hot Tubs and  of course the panoramic views from the large and spacious Fellside Sauna. This is where you will have your very special Sauna Meister Experience.  

Sauna Meister Experience 

Our team of Sauna Meisters learned their craft from Finland – the original home of the Aufguss Sauna. This is pure theatre, with music, national costume, natural essential oils and a Sauna Master to lead you through the relaxing and exhilarating ritual.

Your Sauna Meister will arrive in the traditional costume, carrying a wooden bucket with snowballs infused with natural essential oils. After introducing themselves, and explaining the various stages of the experience, the specially selected music begins, and transports you to the start of your journey. The first snowball is added to the Sauna coals and the performance begins. Large towels are used to agitate the air and lessen the intensity of the 85°C heat. This allows you to breathe in the relaxing essence-infused air. The burst of enriched air is a subtle pleasure to the senses, enhancing the many benefits already enjoyed in the dry sauna.

The sauna experience concludes with an exhilarating fresh cold water drench or ice rub down.

Three essential oils, three carefully selected songs, and the heat that intensifies throughout the ritual. A unique and entertaining experience. 

Mud Room

People all over the world have been taking mud baths for thousands of years, long before any mention of a Spa experience. The healing and anti-inflammatory properties of mud are known to relieve muscle aches and pains. There are also proven skin benefits from the mineral-rich mud. Sodium, magnesium and potassium act to soothe and smooth the skin, and can help relieve skin conditions such as psoriasis.   

The Mud Room at Low Wood Bay is a private treatment, requiring no therapist. Great for couples or for a group of friends. Smooth the mineral-rich Dead Sea mud over your skin. The room is then infused with steam which opens up the pores, allowing toxins to be washed away with the mud whilst the body soaks up moisturising natural oils and minerals.

Treat Yourself or Give as a Gift

To book the Ultimate three-in-one Thermal Experience, for yourself or as a treat for a loved one, call the team at The Spa at Low Wood Bay on 015394 39303.   

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