Low Wood Bay Team Smash Total Warrior

Created Tuesday, August 7, 2018, by Tina Alexander

Low Wood Bay Fitness Instructor, Nathan Woods, tells us why we should all sign up for next year's Total Warrior event... 

Where do I begin? Total Warrior was incredible!

Ashley and Jade jump The Human B-B-Q

Overwhelming Positivity

From the moment we stepped out of the car, the feeling of positivity and excitement was overpowering. Total Warrior it’s not like any other race I’ve competed in. Usually, my stomach feels like a washing machine, hands are shaking and I don’t like to speak to anyone in case nervous energy spills out through my teeth! Total Warrior was different. I felt relaxed, despite the fact I was about to run 10,000 meters and crawl over, under and through some of the toughest obstacles I’ve ever encountered. My nerves were settled and my mood was high.

The Team (from l to r) Joe Kay, Ashley Gobbi, Ashley Monkman, Nathan Woods, Jade Lawson, Craig Haddow

Motivation in the Mud Moguls

The most memorable part of my Total Warrior experience was about 4 km around the course. We were approaching an obstacle called Mud Moguls. Now, to paint a picture for you, this section entails three or four incredibly steep and muddy hills followed by trenches full of muddy water. As we were approached the obstacle, a marshal positioned at the start asked us to walk the next section "as the ground becomes a bit uneven" - slight understatement - and that a young man with a spinal injury was currently half way though the obstacle. For me this was enough motivation to get me through the rest of the course.

Go for It!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you have ever wanted to compete in one of these types of events and like the idea of the team spirit and challenge of a Total Warrior, go for it! Get a team together, the more the better. Convert that motivation into training sessions. Embrace getting fitter and knowing that your team is in this together. Race day will come around quicker than you think and you’ll smash EVERY. SINGLE. KILOMETER. Trust me, it will be the most uplifting and self-empowering thing you’ll have done in the year.

A well deserved beer!

2019 Sign Up Now

Have you got anything to aim for the coming year? Do you want to feel motivation like I did that day?What’s stopping you from signing up now for next year's Total Warrior?

Come and have a chat with Nathan at The Health Club at Low Wood Bay who has more than enough enthusiasm, experience and motivation to help you plan your training schedule. With a host of indoor and outdoor classes, and our top notch gym equipment, there's a fitness training plan that will see you achieve your goal. It will be you in the photos next year! .