Congratulations to English Lakes Longest Serving Employee

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to Maria Walker, our Reservations Manager, who, on 23rd March, celebrated thirty-five years working for English Lakes Hotels, Resorts & Venues.

Longest Serving Member of English Lakes Hotels


Maria is our longest serving member of staff and leads a highly motivated and skilled team that handle all the bookings across our five hotels. Her knowledge of the company has a very broad base as Maria worked in several different departments and, over the years, has worn many different ‘hats’ including Waitress, Bar Supervisor, Bistro Manager, Head Receptionist, and Hotel Manager and Licensee, before taking up the role of Reservations Manager.

“Thirty-five years, 1986 to 2021, I cannot believe it! This makes me feel really old! The years have flown by and I think that is because I've had variety in my job roles over the years and because the company have been good to work for. The last 12 months have tested all of us mentally and emotionally and English Lakes have shown support at such a testing time”.

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