The Midland in Film, Television & Literature

The Midland at Morecambe has been used a number of times in the recent past as a filming location for both Film and Television and in featured in literature.

Past Film & TV Appearances

1960 – The Entertainer

1960 – ‘The Entertainer’ uses Morecambe as its backdrop and features the Midland Hotel. The film follows a London schoolteacher Jean Rice (Joan Plowright) as she returns to her seaside resort hometown at a time of personal crisis. Her father, Archie (Laurence Olivier), is a music hall headliner, a dying form of entertainment, in the age of television. His second wife, Phoebe (Brenda De Banzie), is openly scornful of her husband's affairs and his son, Mick (Albert Finney), is a soldier fighting in the Suez. Tragic events unfold throughout.

1990 - 'Double Sin' Episode of Poirot

1990 - Poirot in 'Double Sin' used Morecambe and The Midland Hotel to pose as ‘Whitcombe’ in its Double Sin Episode in 1990. IMDB outlines the plot as ‘A bored Hercule Poirot announces that he is going to retire and suggests that he and Captain Hastings go to the seaside for a short holiday. While there, they meet a pleasant young woman who is delivering a set of miniature portraits to an American buyer on behalf of her aunt, an antiques dealer. When they arrive at their destination she is shocked to find that the miniatures are missing and that the American had already bought them from an elderly lady more than an hour before. As Poirot has retired he leaves the case in the hands of Hastings who slowly puts the facts together and not surprisingly comes to the wrong conclusion. In the end, it is left to Poirot to suggest the solution to the crime and brings all of the parties together for an interesting lunch’. Double Sin was part of season 2 of Poirot. 

2010 - 'Tea at The Midland'

2010 - ‘Tea at the Midland’ by David Constantine, is a short story created as part of Alfred Hickling’s collection of narratives which are both moving and disturbing. In Constantine's story, a man and woman are debating the work of Eric Gill in The Sun Terrace at The Midland. She admires the work and discusses its exquisite beauty, whereas he doesn’t like to look at it. The story won the 2010 BBC National Short Story award and was filmed at the Midland Hotel.

2019- ITV's - 'The Bay'

2019 – Midland Hotel featured in ‘The Bay’, a new ITV crime drama set in Morecambe. Morven Christie stars as Detective Sergeant Lisa Armstrong, who is assigned as Family Liaison Officer after teenage twins go missing in Morecambe in Lancashire. The official synopsis highlights “there's something very different about this particular case. With horror Lisa realises she's got a personal connection with this frightened family; one that could compromise her and the investigation. As she grapples to get justice for the grieving family, Lisa discovers it could come at the cost of her own". The drama was written by award-winning screenwriter and playwright Daragh Carville. The Midland is seen throughout the series and is an iconic feature of the Morecambe shore.

The Perfect Location

The Midland Hotel is an iconic and historical building with a wealth of art-deco features, located on the shore front of Morecambe Bay, The Midland stands alone and curves with the coastline. The location and style of the building makes it ideal for TV and Film productions looking for a quirky and iconic setting for a beach-side resort. 

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