World Champion offers Boxing and Kickboxing Sessions at Low Wood Bay

Created Monday, October 8, 2018, by Tina Alexander

You will remember our world champion Kickboxer – Kalum Heywood-Byatt – Fitness Instructor at The Health Club at Low Wood Bay. Hot off the press, he is now offering both boxing and kickboxing PT sessions. He explains a bit more…

Who will these sessions benefit?

Anyone. They are suitable for everyone and represent a good full body cardio workout. Also great for calorie burning and aggression release. 

There is also a skills element to it, which allows the participant to have more obvious recognisable and provides a good distraction from the fact your still doing exercise.

What’s involved? 

A mixture of pad-work and bag-work to get the longs going combined with strength and conditioning exercises to give those muscles a good old kick start. Often performed in a HIIT (high intensity) style, it is PT that packs a punch.

Although sessions will be full body the boxing element helps build up shoulders, back and often chest. The kicking side obviously works the legs focusing on the quads and glutes.The sessions will create an interesting mix from the more usual treadmill/cross trainer routines. It is regularly mixed with muscular elements to suit those more into their weights. It is worth mentioning the feel good factor after hitting the bag, both through release of aggression and the endorphin high that you get.  

Tell us about your own training

My training is focused around my requirements at any time. Currently I'm aiming to increase the speed of my attacks my endurance/stamina meaning I will be able to go faster and apply more pressure to my opponents in my upcoming world championships.  

My training primarily involves a lot of bag work over 10-15 rounds with short interludes to prevent much time for recovery. This is aimed at attacking my lungs to improve my VO2 max and speed of recovery to ensure that I am ready for back to back fights in the world championships in Greece at the end of October. In my off days I am still working on building large muscle groups together to give my shots the power they need with each strike.   

Book your Boxing and Kickboxing PT sessions

We will be rooting for Kalum to retain his World Champion status in Greece at the . In the meantime, if you are challenged to start your own boxing or kickboxing training sessions, contact Low Wood Bay Health Club Reception on 015394 39344 or call Kalum directly on 07948 235513.

Members prices are £20 for individual session or £100 for a block of 6. We are also running a month of free taster sessions this month.