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Mains - Grill

Meat Free


Whilst You Decide

Artisan Sourdough Bread - £4.50
with butter, olive oil and balsamic dip, smoked sea salt (V, VE)

Garlic and Herb Wood-fired Flatbread - £4.50
(V, VE)

Mixed Olives & Feta Cheese - £4.50
(GF, V)

Crispy Coated Pulled Beef Brisket - £5.50
served with blue cheese balls (6)


Roasted Vine Tomato and Fennel Soup - £5.50
served with artisan sourdough bread (V, VE)

Grilled White Onion and Manchego Tart - £7.50
served with pickled walnuts, herb oil and garden salad (N)

Hot Wood Smoked Salmon - £8.50
cured in Gosling's rum, chilli and muscovado sugar, served with charred fennel, mango and chilli salsa (GF)

Crispy Duck - £7.50
slow cooked, then deep fried shredded duck leg, with fresh chillies, sliced cucumber ribbons, spring onions, bean sprouts and hoisin sauce on Chinese pancakes. 

King Prawns - £9.00
served with tomato, garlic chorizo and herb sauce

Half a Rack of Sticky Pork Ribs - £6.50
Blue Smoke coleslaw and crackling (N)

Camembert Sharer - £12.50
grilled vine tomatoes, Blue Smoke chutney and grilled sourdough toast

Wood-Fired Jackfruit - £6.50
mixed with spicy pinto beans and cooked low and slow, served with toasted sourdough (V, VE) (Gluten free available)

Wood-Fired Grill

Butterflied Caribbean Spice Rubbed Chicken Breast - £17.50

a sweetcorn, red pepper, tomato, onion and coriander salsa (GF, N)

Harissa Marinated Lamb Rump - £21.50

minted yogurt with turmeric, chipped pistachios (N, GF)

Full Rack of Sticky Pork Ribs - £17.00

Blue Smoke coleslaw and crackling (GF, N)

Blue Smoke Signature Bricklayer Steak - £19.00

8oz Rump Steak, marinated for 24 hours in smoked paprika, garlic and chilli served with guacamole and créme fraiche (GF, N)

10oz Dry-Aged Sirlion Steak - £25.00


8oz Dry-Aged Fillet Steak - £28.00


10oz Himalayan Salt Chamber Rib-Eye Steak - £25.00


20oz Chateaubriand For Two - £75.00

with béarnaise sauce and crispy onion rings, Blue Smoke chips and creamed spinach (complete dish)

7oz Blue Smoke Beef Burger - £17.50

with crispy pancetta and Pepper Jack cheese, served in a brioche bun with tomato, gherkin and lettuce. 

Feeling hungry? Ask to double up your burger! £7.00


Enhance Your Steak 

add 6 grilled king prawns in garlic butter (GF) - £9.00

add a half grilled lobster and garlic butter (GF) - £18.50

Wood-Fired Fish

Plank Grilled Fillet of Loch Duart Salmon - £17.50

hollandiase sauce and charred asparagus (GF)

Grilled Gilt-Head Bream Fillets - £18.50

stuffed with fennel, lemongrass and chilli (GF)

Whole Lobster - £35.00

simply wood-fired with garlic butter and lemon (GF)

Side Dishes - £3.50

All sides and sauces are gluten free excluding onion rings

Mixed Leaf Salad 

with house dressing (VE, V)

Triple Cooked Thick Cut Chips (VE, V)

Mac and Cheese (V)

Boiled New Potatoes (V)

with parsley butter 

Wood-Fired Grilled Asparagus (VE)

Creamed Spinach (V)

Beer Battered Onion Rings (V)

Sweet Potato Fries, Paprika (VE, V)




Blue Smoke Rum Ketchup

Blue Cheese

Garlic Butter (V)

Meat Free

Soya Bean and Vegetable Burger - £16.00

in a brioche bun, with red onion and thyme relish, tomato, gherkin and lettuce. 

Spicy Pinto Beans - £15.00

Cooked low and slow, glazed with vegan cheese and grilled sourdough (VE)

Sizzling Skillet - £15.00

onions and peppers mixed with Cajun spices, jackfruit and spicy pinto beans cooked low and slow. (GF, VE)

Something Sweet

Sticky Toffee Pudding - £7.50

with rum butterscotch sauce and Bourbon Vanilla ice cream

Malteaser Cheesecake - £7.00

with malted milk chocolate sauce

Strawberry Meringue - £7.00

with Disaronno soaked strawberries and whipped cream

Warm Chocolate Brownie - £6.00

with vanilla ice cream 

Northern Block Ice Creams (VE) £6.50 for 3 scoops

Bourbon vanilla

Peanut chip

Strawberry Yuzu

Chocolate Orange Blossom

Caramel & Sea Salt

Northern Block Sorbet (DF, VE) £2.00 per scoop

Sicilian Lemon

Raspberry Sorrel